Bangkok shapers

Global Shapers Bangkok consist of individuals from various walks of life. We give importance to group diversity and most importantly we want people who are ready to work hard yet know how to have fun.


amornthep s. (sanju)

Curator 2019 - 2020

Sanju is a fun loving person filled with positive energy! With years working in Social and Business Development, Sanju is eager to learn and always open for new concepts and ideas that can help make the world a better place! He is our chief advocate for Mental Health. (LinkedIn)


Florian R.

Vice Curator 2019 - 2020

Flo has a strong background in entrepreneurship and innovation. He has international work experience in start-ups in Germany, Austria, Thailand and Portugal. In out-of-work time passionate about surfing, meditation & cooking. (LinkedIn)


Aanas Ali

Curator 2015 - 2016

Aanas has been working with marginalised and excluded populations to advocate for their human rights and livelihoods through advocacy, campaigning and direct service provisions. Having worked with UN, INGO, CSO, business, et al., in the past 7 years, he continues to grapple with finding the right recipe for achieving sustainable systemic change while tackling immediate needs.


Arch W.

Curator 2016 - 2017

Arch is on a mission to change the world! He founded a lifestyle and travel platform that revolutionizes fundraising. Socialgiver aims to convert the world’s greatest waste (spare service capacity) into social progress. (LinkedIn)


Pin K.

Curator 2017 - 2018

Pin is an entrepreneur working towards guiding Thai students to design their future career. Prior to her entrepreneurial journey, Pin Has been in the area of strategic communication serving regional accounts and also deep interest in sustainability. (LinkedIn)


Raghav M.

Curator 2018 - 2019

Raghav's dream to be an environmentalist has been put on hold by the duty of continuing a family business in textiles. He's currently sourcing and distributing fashion fabrics from Thailand to SEA. You might spot him walking on the street wearing a longyi while secretly campaigning to lower plastics consumption. (LinkedIn)


Yu Nakamura

A culinary researcher, cook and writer. Published a book about "Grandma's recipes" around the globe. Based in Tokyo and Bangkok, she has catering business, consults for food related companies, and establishes importing exporting company "TASTE HUNTERS". (LinkedIn)


Siripa I.

Siripa started her own charitable foundation Siri Arsa with the goal to bring together the new generation of people to work on bridging inequality gap. She also volunteer as an assistant to Thailand's former prime minister (H.E. Chuan Leekpai) specializing in foreign affairs.


Sirinya H.

Sirinya is a freelance marketer. A fun loving individual who is interested in food sustainability and exploring new ways to help communities through education of food sustainability.


Maluli P.

Maluli is a marketing consultant, specializing in consumer research. She is interested in understanding and bridging people's insight to create socially responsible business.


Phonlapat A.

Phonlapat is a go-getter who is dedicated towards creating a better quality of life for the disadvantaged. His goal is to create sustainable systems that will continue to impact - even after he dies. (LinkedIn)


Benjamin G.

Ben is passionate about innovation and sustainable energy. Ben was previously working at the World Economic Forum Switzerland, where he was responsible for Asia-Pacific public and corporate engagements. His areas of expertise include renewable energy, innovation, public-private partnerships and politics. (LinkedIn)


Patrapatu C.

Having an open-minded and curious nature, coupled with her strong business interest, Patrapatu has become an experienced data analyst/ marketing consultant. Alongside, she is passionate in making a strong positive impact towards society by identifying market demand and consumer insights as a social entrepreneur. (LinkedIn)


Kevin V.

Kevin is passionate about private sector-led development and financial inclusion in Southeast Asia. He works for McKinsey as a consultant, and his projects have included transformations for financial services companies as well as economic development strategy for a region. Previously, Kevin worked in impact investing private equity across Southeast Asia, sourcing and investing in financial services companies that provide impactful products to the region’s emerging consumer class. On the side, Kevin likes to travel, scuba dive, and eat. (LinkedIn)


Mueanprae R.

Mueanprae is an IR student that freelances as an MC, show host, and human resource development trainer. She had implemented her projects with UN Women in remote areas to tackle gender violence. Hoping to develop and empower the marginalized as a whole, Mueanprae is interested in expanding her practical skills in human relations and understanding of development. (LinkedIn)


Nattapart N.

From Automotive Engineering to Business, Nattapart has been developed both hard and soft skill sets for making a difference in the society. He had been selected as Adecco Thailand’s CEO For One Month 2018, and now he is doing Digital Marketing for L’Oreal Thailand. (LinkedIn)


Woraween L.

Ween has a passion for sustainability and impact investing. She started EcoShapers project to promote understanding in sustainability and encourage behavioural changes, with focus on ocean pollution, sustainable fashion and circular economy. She is a venture capitalist who believes that entrepreneurship and innovation are the key to impactful changes. (LinkedIn)


Vuyasi R.

A graduate of the Global Studies and Social Entrepreneurship program, Vuyasi is now working for a social enterprise in Bangkok that has its focus on organic products and sustainable living, and is empowering farmers in central Thailand. Vuyasi herself is very passionate about sustainability and sustainable development. She hopes to start her own social enterprise in her home country, Nepal in the near future. (LinkedIn)