Global Shapers Bangkok have been working hard to identify various problems or difficulties that we are facing. We have pull in our creativity and resources to formulate projects that tackle some of the pressing issues such as Animal Extinction, Global Warming and Mental Health.



Wildchain is a digital mirror on the blockchain where every unique token represents a real endangered animal living in the wild, one-to-one. The tokens are collectible, tradable and playable in various games (mobile, AR, VR). Users are passively contributing to conservation and reforestation projects solely by participating in this entertainment ecosystem. Users may also actively allocate their donations on a fully transparent kickstarter-like platform which will give visibility into the impact they have created.



Mental Health issues is one of the most stigmatised subject. People often think that our brain is beyond the possibility of going haywire. However that is not true, just like any other organs, our brain as complex as it is can fall sick too. Mental health issues covers everything from Depression to Schizophrenia to Bipolar. Often time those who are sick do not get the right help and fall victim of suicide. Sati is a project that aims to create awareness of the situation whilst working on creating a suicide prevention application.


eco shapers

EcoShapers seek to enhance public understanding and create collaborative hands-on solutions towards key environmental issues with focus on ocean pollution, sustainable fashion and circular economy. We curate content, organise workshops and events, and develop long-term initiatives and partnerships with the goal of affecting behavioural change at the micro level.

SmartMoney-01 copy.jpg

smart money

Smart Money is an initiative to help strengthen Thai university students' knowledge of financial literacy before entering the real world. While many students may have academic knowledge about accounting and finance, actually knowing how to take advantage of topics such as banking, insurance, and buying a first home can be a challenge for many students entering the workforce.